Rise of the zombies…

Before I begin I’d like to specifically state that post has nothing to do with a zombie story.

I was going through Amazon in the search of a new horror book to read to, let’s be honest, scare the bejesus out of me. Unfortunately all that I happened to find were stories about various versions of a zombie apocalypse.

I saw zombies created from deadly viruses, zombies created from nuclear fallout, irradiated zombies, zombie stories told for the point of view of children, country bumkins, and surprisingly from animals. Hell there was even a zombie love story or two.  Now there are even zombie games available for the (insert system of choice here) that we play regularly and even on our mobile phones….I look on the television and see The Walking Dead, 28 days later, Night of The Living Dead, etc. Not to say that all of those are bad T.V.shows or movies (I loved the Resident Evil movies myself) but how much is too much *gives a hard sigh

I’m saying this to state that when we as a society look at horror we envision a zombie apocalypse. There was a time when monsters like vampires and werewolves ruled the scene but now seems to be a distant memory. In fact, vampires are falling in love versus being the dark scary blood sucking creatures of days past. Oh and let’s not forget about the classic hack and slash or basically Jason, Freddie, Chuckie and Michael. This genre of books and movies are now watered down shadows of their former selves. No longer to frighten us but sadly to be entertaining or even friendly.

So I really started looking at this not just from a reader’s perspective but also as a writer. I’m just wondering what one has to do to bring this genre back to some normalcy, then it hit me like a ton of bricks. If that’s what you want to read then maybe you might want to write this as well.

So I’m looking to come up with a horror story about something other than zombies falling in love with the girl next door. I think I can arrange to have a hack and slash story or a scary creature that feeds on people for twenty four hours after awakening every 75 years or even a deranged psycho killer that rampages on local townsfolk, oh wait all that’s been done to some degree.

Well if I can figure something out then I’ll post my ideas up. Maybe you, my trusted readers, feel my plight and have ideas of your own that you’d like to see in film or print. If so, I’d love to hear what you all think. Feel free to comment. Till next time, keep on writing.

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