Excerpt from upcoming book

I want to see how this works as a diary page from a woman writing about her boyfriend and what she daydreams about him. Tell me what you think:

You lay down beside me as the moon shines in our eyes. The words are so sweet and we gently speak. Your hands caress my thighs with seductive sensuality. Heightened senses fill the air and our gaze is locked by the light, almost electrified. I touch your nose and slowly trace your lips. To be in your presence brings me sheer delight. Sparkling stars shine down on us as our bodies are entwined so tight. Mesmerized by the sweet sensations, our eyes are blazing bright. Becoming lost in each other’s eyes we begin to drift into another world. Our love is so deep, forever strong, something that we can’t disguise. The smell of our love on the cool night air, we slowly drift off to sleep. The sweet seduction is ours to keep along with the sweetest dreams we’ll have until we awaken in each others arms.

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