So Much Pain

From the moments of conception, we as humans have needed basic things for survival…food, water, shelter. However, one of the most basic needs for emotional well-being is hardly nurtured. This need is the need of love and the need of belonging. The basic of things needed to sustain life are easy to obtain but what about the emotional need, is it obtainable in the grand scheme of things. When we are born we have no political views, no racism, we as children have no need to create boundaries between one another. Yet as adults we do this as if it is essential for our lives. We pick and choose who to love, who we hurt, who is deserving of our love and friendship. We do this but not realize the hurt and pain we cause others until it becomes a shell or a hardened callous of the soul. That is until that shell grows dark, empty and hollow. Can the space ever hold light again or is it forever a float on the river of sadness. It is been said it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved. But is it better to have loved and lost than to have been hurt by love. This is the real question of the ages but alas this too would not receive an answer. Can one look into the depths of the damaged soul and find the glimmer of hope, that tiny bit of lost light before it is snuffed out in the darkness. So tell me can you feel this through so much pain.

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