A Tale Christmas Fear

Twas the night before Christmas and all around the house, there was a creature that was stirring, quite bigger than a mouse; The grenades were hung by the chimney with barbed wire, in the hopes that the troll would hit them and soon expire;

The children were all turning in their beds, while nightmares of devilish reindeer ran through their heads; And mama with her machete and me with my Glock, Both of us prepared to kill the whole lot;

When out in the yard there was a loud clatter, I moved to the window to see what was the matter; I peeked through the blinds and saw a bright flash, that troll unearthed the hidden landmine stash;

Blasted into the air the wood troll flew, we rejoiced and cheered but not having a clue; When the flash went away and the coast was clear, the evil imp still stood with his eight reindeer;

With the little driver looking so twisted and half dead, I knew it was the imp from the spikes on his head;  Stalking his prey and preparing his chimney trick, it is none other than that evil troll we call St. Nick;

The reindeer some sickly, sullen, and some lame, yet they all responded when he called them by name; “Now Smasher! Now Slasher! Now Slither and Cancer, On Reaper! On Sicken! On Specter and Necromancer!

The tattered sleigh begins to rise and fly off into the night, but then the terror appears in my line of sight; The imp instantly materialized right in the middle of the room, while mama and I prepared for the impending doom;

Mama swung her machete but she missed her target, the imp took advantage and knocked her on the carpet; Before she could swing again or even begin to get up, the imp had sliced her very deep in the gut;

She looked up at me with a deep fear in her eyes, it was her life starting to slip away she completely realized; His little troll mouth was drawn up like a bow, he was completely bloody from head to toe;

The imp smiled wide showing its crooked and stained teeth through a twisted grin, he continued to splash mama’s blood all over its skin; It was making a bloody mess for everyone to see, the twisted St. Nick took mama’s innards and displayed them on the tree;

He hung her kidneys, her liver and her spleen, then he hung her lungs, her eyes and all were licked clean; He started from the tip of the tree and draped her intestines to the floor, but ol St. Nick didn’t notice the trap door;

I ran over to the wall and turned the knob, with the hope that what was at the bottom would finish the job; For the pit was deep and dark as night, and at the bottom were hundreds of six inch spikes;

With the ordeal finally over and I shouted and ran with glee, when I looked in the pit there was nothing to see; Totally confused I scratched my head and looked around, the evil St. Nick was nowhere to be found;

Suddenly there was a whoosh and a smoke had filled the air, and when the smoke cleared in front of me he stood there; He was covered in blood down to his feet, and a severed finger hung between his teeth;

He was sloppy and round with a belly that’s fat, covered in matted fur like a wounded stray alley cat; His eyes were sunken and looked quite scary, the tip of his nose was rotted off and hands were hairy;

There was a wink from his eye and a nod from his head, the devilish smile soon let me know there was something to dread; He didn’t say a word, but went straight to his work, the knife to my stomach gave me quite a jerk;

I lay down in my home next to mama dying before he left, he shrieked into the air before I gave out my last breath; I saw him turn and smirk with major delight, he yelled “Another scary Christmas for all and have one hell of a night!”

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  1. kiembroski says:

    Very Interesting!!! I loved it!!!!

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